Classroom Based Experience

Over the course of my MA program, I did more than 90 hours of classroom-based experience. I loved having the opportunity to learn and grow from my teaching, and look forward to much more teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language!

I started my classroom-based experience at an organization called SPEAK, Inc. in Norcross, GA.

My reflection of those hours can be found here.

Intro to English and High-Intermediate English
16 weeks, 6 hours per week, 96 total hours 

I finished my classroom-based experience by teaching three classes over two semesters at GSU's Intensive English Program.

My reflection on those classes can be found below.

Summer 2016 IEP 0720
10 weeks, 3 hours per week, 30 hours

Summer 2016 IEP 0540
10 weeks, 3 hours per week, 30 hours

Fall 2016 IEP 0540
15 weeks, 3 hours per week, 45 hours

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